Curating Happiness

Music influences moods and behaviours of customers

  • Enhanced experiences
  • Increased sales
  • Brand identity
  • Brand loyalty
  • More happiness all around :-)

JookeBox - Smart, Secure and Easy

  • Music individually handpicked for you
  • Always up-to-date, ahead of the trends!
  • Easy to use JookeBox app
  • Large collection of curated, high quality music across genres
  • Switch-on, enjoy great music, switch off!

Easy to use app allows you to make changes to the schedule yourself

JookeBox is built on cutting-edge IoT technologies to ensure supreme quality and robustness

Jingles along the way

Reach your captive audience, with no blind spots

  • Easily share current and upcoming offers and cross-promotions
  • Earn additional revenue through brand partnerships
  • Plan and manage jingles with our easy to use app

Sound - easier to manage and faster than visuals

  • No blind spots
  • Easy to manage centrally
  • Design -> Produce -> Upload to multiple venues easily, simultaneously
  • Up to 1500 ad slots per month for cross-promotions and revenue generation

Easy to use app allows you to make changes to the advert schedule yourself


Sunil Kumar (Founder & CEO)

Sunil loves music and playing for different audiences. He has been a professional DJ (DJeMGee) and has worked with a number of venues and hotels over the past decade. He started JookeBox to ensure customers have a consistently great music experience.

Dr. Tej Pochiraju (Hardware)

Tej loves hardware and has been building innovative hardware products for over a decade, has filed for 5 patents and consulted with 150+ cos globally.

Sharath Chandramouli (Co-founder & CTO)

Sharath loves coding and has extensive experience building full-stack cloud solutions. He is the architect behind JookeBox's robust, cutting-edge IoT engine.


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